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After move over Generation Y, now Generation Z has ruled on cyber town. So it’s high time to shift marketing strategy to reach them. This segment of progressive and forward thinkers. Now the question is how this things going to happen?

Born into today’s innovative and dynamic technology, generation Z are roughly those who arrived in this world after 1995.They are exploding with knowledge as they have – literally – grown up with information at their fingertips. They are communication sharers and use social media as a common form of expression. Fired with ambition, they are self- directed and many aim to be entrepreneurs.

Social channels are a great way to reach Gen Z. But, how they consume social media is different to Gen Y – and that will affect how a business market to them. Gen Y use social media as a place to chat, and entertainment, but next generation is using the social media as encyclopedia.

Gen Z max time believe on their personal experience they have from online to personal. They more expect platforms from social media to website to understand and anticipate their needs.

The Gen Z need everything by single click on their smart phone. Corporate kitchen is became famous for Gen Z employees now a day’s. They used to order food online through mobile apps. Corporate kitchens believes that a meals of a employee is the key ingredient to made a active day. So they usually be on time to reach the food to the employee.

Food is now just a one click away its very impressive thing now a days. A perfect POS system used by a restaurant can target a huge number of young generation. OYIPOS can be a best solution for corporate kitchen or restaurants.

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