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Shouvik is very happy today he will go to the restaurant on his first date with Piyali, They meet through Facebook. Shouvik wants to keep his first date memorable so that he doesn’t want restaurant personals delay to serve the dinner, As Piyali is very punctual. Although delaying the meal at the restaurant will allow him to spend more time with Piyali but Shouvik does not want his first impressions became bad.

The restaurant has been chosen by Piyali, It is her favourite place. Shouvik arrived at the restaurant. Shortly after sitting in their pre-booked place, a handsome young man brought a tab, took the order and informed that within the next 20 minutes, their order would arrive. Shouvik noticed that the young man instead of sending their order to kitchen, he became busy with next table for taking the order. This behaviour makes Shouvik sad, But he did not say anything about it., he started talking to Piyali.

On the other side, the waiter is taking orders from one table to another, without sending anyone’s order to the kitchen. Shouvik became tensed even though he was acting normal. But surprisingly, their food has delivered to the table in just seventeen minutes, it make Shouvik surprise a lot.

After noticing Shouvik situation Piyali started explaining. That there is Software called Oyipos the restaurant used. It is cloud based Software, So After the order has been taken by a waiter, and it reaches to the chef immediately so that restaurant can offer a quick service. Near past, the restaurant has bad reputation for its service delays, despite the good quality of food. Then they start using Oyipos, and their service becomes faster.

Because using this Software, the waiter need not to go to the chef physically to give the order. As the Software is cloud based so the chef could get the order directly at the kitchen. After a while you will see that this restaurant also uses this Software for billing also. As a result, It saves customers time. Shouvik became fascinated with Oyipos after hearing its description, and thanked Oyipos for fulfilling his heartfelt desires. He felt thankful to Oyipos for the reason that Piyali has spoke long,

As per Shouvik every restaurant must use this Oyipos.

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