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We Are Proud To Be Foodie

Indian means foodie, and for the satisfaction of the Indians, the whole Indian well-known, Known, Unknown, Veg, Non-veg restaurant has grown to abundance. But despite their good quality of food produced, they are not able to update their restaurant business with the world. Taking the order sooner or when it is delivered from the kitchen, this are really time taking but important jobs. If you done want to face the problem in your restaurant business, here is your solution, whose name is  oyipos.

oyiposis a software that will work like a bridge between your customers and kitchens. Using this online  software will make your restaurant fast. It keeps and alarm all stock and inventory or products and purchases and sales record. As a result, the time will be saved as well as the service will be transparent. So why you are   late to take a ride to  oyipos at your restaurant.

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