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What is KOT & BOT ?

What is KOT / BOT?

Full form of KOT is Kitchen Order Ticket, and BOT is Beverage Order Ticket. It is the form used by senior captain or waiter to take the order of Food or Beverage Items from the guests. KOT/BOT helps people like a steward for order taking from the guest, generate printout for the sheaf to understand the order placed by the guest, and billing station for receiving and sending the information.

It is usually made up of three copies,

First copy goes to the Kitchen or Bar Counter to place the order for Food preparation of Beverage.

Second copy goes to the Cashier to prepare the bill.

Third copy remains with the senior captain or waiter.

Importance of KOT/BOT:

1. For appropriate co-ordination between the kitchen or bar & service personnel.

2. To avoid chaos or confusion at the order pick up counter.

3. To establishes accountability.

4. To facilitates proper control system.

5. To raise a bill for settlement.

6. For Post analyses, which can give a exact idea about the high selling and non selling.

This is a control system which is more likely to be found is the smaller hotel, popular price restaurant and cafes and department store catering.

A POS (Point Of Sale) system can be a big solution for KOT/ BOT. These systems are the cloud based system, are generated to solve this problem. OYIPOS is a easy to handle system generate KOT/BOT with in a second and send it directly to the kitchen or bar Counter through internet. So its saves a man power and time too. As because of cloud based system OYIPOS also free from data loss.

To get a hassle free business from restaurant OYIPOS is a biggest solution. OYIPOS is smarter system which have Restaurant and Bar POS both in one application.  Also it generates a GST ready report. So that it’s OYIPOS become more cost effective for the business.

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